Premium Gift Box

Our Coffee gift box contains a selection of four of our newest coffees, all freshly roasted to order and available as Beans of Ground.

250g bags of freshly roasted coffee

El Salvador – Black Honey processed coffee, lightly roasted yet full bodied, vibrant and citrussy with hints of tropical fruits, raspberry and cocoa nibs

Tanzania –  Single origin natural from the Kongoni Estate located on the outer slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater. This bourbon arabica with bright acidity, full body and delicate fruity flavours is signature of a top natural East African coffee. Chocolatey with notes of wild berries.

Brazil – Single origin speciality coffee from the Brejetuba region located in the Brazilian state of Esprito Santo. Red & Yellow catuai varietal. Medium roasted with hints of dried fruit, dark chocolate and a smooth nutty flavour

Colombia – Single Origin coffee from the Cauca Region famous for its high altitude and rich volcanic soil which is ideal for growing coffee with excellent flavour




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Our Coffee Bundle is a selection of 4 coffees ground or beans, makes a great gift!

9 reviews for Premium Gift Box

  1. Matt Jagelman

    I was working at a friends place and tried the Columbian coffee for the first time. Straight away I asked what and where the coffee came from so here I am now writing this review and just about to order my second batch. Great taste and service needs to be recognised. I’d recommend to you all.
    Thanks TW Coffee Roastery

  2. Ale

    The quality of TW coffees is excellent!
    Fresh, great flavours and balance across the whole selection (oh yes, i tried them all!)
    I love the Rwanda and El Salvador for their unique flavours.
    Well done guys!
    Keep sharing the love with all your passion!

  3. Renato Pesci

    Five star rating!

  4. Renato Pesci


  5. Renato Pesci


  6. Lorelle (verified owner)

    We’re addicted to TW Coffee Roastery! I don’t think we’ll be able to go back to drinking anything else! Peter runs a business with such high-quality customer service as well. It makes the whole experience really enjoyable. My friends in London love this stuff too. El Salvador is my favourite but my friends love the Rwandan. I love getting my coffee from TW Coffee Roastery. One good thing that came from having trouble with supermarkets during lockdown was that I discovered this coffee!

  7. Pesci

    Great coffee great service

  8. Pesci


  9. Allison Matthews

    My first order

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