Region –Antioquia

Varietal – Colombia & Caturra

Process – Natural

Altitude – 1,700 masl

Selected back in January whilst on an Origin trip to Colombia, this natural coffee is from Loma Verde, part of the Santa Barbara Estate. Selectively hand harvested and dried on raised beds at the highest part of the farm.

Medium roasted coffee, bright and full bodied with notes of banana bread, guava and plum.


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Café de Santa Barbara is a family-owned company dedicated to the production and export of Colombian estate coffee. The family’s beginnings in the coffee business date from the early 20th century, when Don Alejandro Angel (great grandfather to the current generation) became the first major exporter of Colombian coffee.

Santa Barbara, a small county encroached into the Andean mountains in the state of Antioquia. Other than its picturesque charm, Santa Barbara offered a land with distinctive and crucial qualities, such as microclimates (due to the combination of altitude with warm air from the Cauca river valley), singular volcanic soils, perfect altitude, and a tradition of excellence in the production of coffee.

Loma Verde’s coffees are selectively hand-harvested, before being brought up to the highest part of the road using cable cars. After being sorted, Loma Verde dries the coffee, first in raised beds under shade. The coffee is spread thinly on screens encased in wooden boxes and is regularly turned to ensure even drying. Next, the coffee cherry is moved out into the sunlight for 3 days until it contains the correct level of moisture; before being moved into the silo for another 48-72 hours to rest.


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