Brazil Premier Cru Alma di Monti Cherry Gold

Brazil Premier Cru Alma di Monti Cherry Gold

Region –Minas Gerais, Fazenda Rio Verde

Varietal – Yellow Bourbon

Process – Natural Wild Fermentation

Altitude – 1,080 to 1,160

Ipanema Gourmet has been producing coffee since the 1870s and is one of the largest farms in this region. Their approach to coffee is innovative and creative. Ipanema began their ‘Premier Cru’ range: a selection of very small batch, handcrafted lots from the highest altitudes of the Estate’s oldest farm, Rio Verde. This range of Premier Cru coffees is packed in cutting edge nitrogen-flushed vacuum-packed 20kg cartons. The method of nitrogen flushing, common with roasted coffee, stabilises the product by removing all traces of oxygen.

A bright and complex coffee, sweet and fruity with notes of cherry, raspberry, blueberry.

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It's all in the Brewing

Rio Verde is a large farm of 1,566 hectares. Much of the farm lies between 700 and 1,000 metres above sea level. However, just over 260 hectares of the farm rise above 1,000 metres. This part of the farm, which rides several peaks, is separated into 32 ‘glebes’ (plots), all of which have different altitudes and sun faces, soil composition and a single varietal.

The coffee was selectively hand-harvested and then processed using the traditional Natural method with a wild Anaerobic Fermentation for 36 hours. This process begins with a measuring of the coffee’s Brix, or sugar content. The cherries are sorted and placed in the aerobic (oxygen present) environment to initiate fermentation, allowing for the coffee’s microorganism development. Once the coffee’s temperature stabilizes, the fermentation is complete. During this process, the temperature rises and the Brix content drops. The cherries were then dried on conventional patios for 31 hours and in vertical dryers for an additional 14 hours.


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