Region –Nothern province, Gakenke district, COKO sector

Varietal – Bourbon

Process – Fully Washed Arabica

Smooth, medium roasted coffee with notes of hazelnut, apricot confit and cocoa

More details about the cooperative below:



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It's all in the Brewing

TWONGERE KAWA COKO was founded in 2009. It is still a small Co-op with 134 members. The co-operative’s President, Thérèse, is very proud that it has a majority of 96 female farmers. The high altitude here as well as the care taken over post-harvest processing has led to consistently high cupping scores.

“ I set up the co-operative to help local women, and even today, we have a majority of female members here. In Rwanda, it’s the women who are most involved in their households – so when you help them, you help their whole family. It makes me very proud to be one of the few female co-operative presidents, but it’s also something I’d like to see change in the future. During my working life, I’ve defied expectations to earn the trust and respect of my colleagues and the community, so that’s something I’d like to see happen for the women of the co-operative, too.”  Thérèse Nyrangwabije, President

Ngoma Mamas Lot 1 is fully washed at the central washing station owned by the co-operative.


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