El Salvador

Region – Apaneca – Ilamatepec Mountain Range

Varietal – Caturra

Process – Black Honey

A full bodied coffee, vibrant and citrussy with hints of tropical fruit, raspberry and cocoa nibs

The black honey process involves part of the mucilage left on the beans whilst being dried which enriches the sweetness and depth of flavour of the coffee.



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La Providencia is a 70 Hectare farm owned by Agricor SA de CV, a family owned operation located near la Pandeadura, a town in the municipality of Tacuba within the department of Ahuachapan, El Salvador.

They meticulously sort and de-pulp fully ripe cherries from the farm, and then dry the parchment still covered in mucilage on raised African-style drying beds, turning them constantly until completely dry, a process which usually takes 22 to 24 days. Black honey preparations are especially difficult, since high amount of sugar in the parchment causes it to clump together, and it is only through constant movement that the producer can undo these clumps and allow the coffee to dry evenly. Black Honey Coffees though harder to prepare have much more mucilage remaining which leads to a fuller bodied coffee

2 reviews for El Salvador

  1. Leonie

    Bright, fruity, and excellent on ice!

  2. Doug (verified owner)

    great coffee & friendly, efficient service

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